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Transform Your Mind Today

How to Develop Your Mindset
So You Can Achieve Greater
Success in Your Work and Life

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About JLM Publishing

Transform Your Mind Today is a publication from JLM Publishing Company.

JLM Publishing is a specialist digital information publisher with an ever-changing collection of works on self-improvement, self-help and the like.

JLM began in 1994 when the World Wide Web was just beginning.  We started as a CD-ROM publisher and our first CD was South America in Charts and Graphs.

A few years later, we turned to writing screenplays when HBO announced their entry into feature-length motion picture production to feed the insatiable appetite of cable television. We wrote eight screenplays-from romance to science fiction. We put the screenplay Gilgamesh on Amazon Kindle and had a few buyers. The screenplay, Year-2114, we transcribed into a novella of 125 pages and sold a few copies on Amazon Books.
At present, we are selling digital information products in the digital information marketplace.
Our name, JLM Publishing, is short for James Lee Multimedia-Publishing Company.

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What my clients say?

Transform your mind today is superbly catering to young, dynamic and energetic writers, shifting the paradigm for young writers with afforded podium to extend our reach without facing much of obstacles in the journey.
I recently bought a book to aid my ideas regarding a change in my diet. I found it really useful. I am glad they have a bundle of options to offer in a specific genre.
I am a self-professed self-improvement junkie who admires reading hundreds of self-improvement books. Some of them have given me incredible insights. The best part is they all benefit you in one way or the other.

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