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Transform Your Mind Today is a publication from JLM Publishing Company.

JLM Publishing is a specialist digital information publisher with an ever-changing collection of works on self-improvement, self-help and the like.

JLM began in 1994 when the World Wide Web was just beginning.  We started as a CD-ROM publisher and our first CD was South America in Charts and Graphs.

A few years later, we turned to writing screenplays when HBO announced their entry into feature-length motion picture production to feed the insatiable appetite of cable television. We wrote eight screenplays-from romance to science fiction. We put the screenplay Gilgamesh on Amazon Kindle and had a few buyers. The screenplay, Year-2114, we transcribed into a novella of 125 pages and sold a few copies on Amazon Books.
At present, we are selling digital information products in the digital information marketplace.
Our name, JLM Publishing, is short for James Lee Multimedia-Publishing Company.

Jim Lee

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